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We sell Premium domains at affordable prices. Industry best price guaranteed for all our amazing brandable domains

What are Brandable Domains?
Brandable domains are curated keywords which have some special characteristics, for example high traffic history, small length and meaningful word.
Why to use ZING Domains for finding a brand name?
Finding a good brand name can be exhausting, incense, and need a strong brainstorming. Choose a catchy .com domain name from our list. Owning a great brand name is always easy with us.
How do we curate our domain names?
Our team is constantly working on exploring keywords which make up a good name, short in length, real English word or an expression, spelling, industry specific or general
Do ZING Domain names come with a trademark?
The domain names on ZING Domains do not include trademarks or any international registration, as that is not at all possible. We are only selling domain names which anyone can buy from us.
What happens after I buy a name from ZING Domains?
We immediately start the domain transfer process once the payment has been received and verification is done. The transfer time varies, it is the quickest when under the same registrar but takes 1 to 8 days in case of another registrar.
What is ZING Domains's refund policy?
We are only selling brandable domain names. Refunds and any exchanges are not allowed once an order has been placed. Buyers are advised to check our “How it works” section prior to making a purchase.
Any other charges/fees except Domain “Buy Now” Price?
We are very transparent about our prices, no additional cost applies to any domain name which is listed on our website.
Can I order multiple domains?
Yes, you can order multiple domains, we have not imposed any multiorder restriction.
Why are we selling at a low price?
We are trying to provide a solution to individuals and businesses who are interested in buying a Brandable domain name but cannot afford sky-rocket prices. And moreover domain names are not that expensive after all

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